Experience the charms of mountain life. Peace. Silence. Fresh air. We are developing rural tourism Contact us

What do we offer?

Want to experience life in the countryside? At the farm Miljanić Farm, you can:

You haven’t experienced taking care of the herd outside? Or, you are curious about what is necessary to be done before the food gets to your table? Spend a day with our shepherds and discover the real village life.

Staying with us, you can prepare food from home-made raw materials, learn a traditional recipe and eat the way you can only eat in the mountain air.

We raise a couple of horses on our farm. Learn or remember how to take care of this noble animal. Furthermore, become their friends, and they would show you everything our montin offers in return.

Feel the smell of the mountain, the sound of birds unique to this area

In nature, you can be active while resting your soul and filling your senses.

You love to read? Look for inspiration? Or do you just live by an old Italian saying ‘’dolce far niente’’ (pleasure is in doing nothing)? Austrian oak, the tree our mountain is named after, will offer you pleasant space for this kind of enjoyment.

Just wish, and will provide you an unforgettable experience.

Where are we located?

On the highway Niksic- Herceg Novi- Trebinje, on the 20th kilometer from Niksic, in the village Podbozur, stone by stone, we created a rural idyll. We grow our animals on the property of 96 hectares. Austrian oak tree and the sound of the mountain fill the senses, creating a perfect place for active rest in touch with nature.