“Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.”

– Karl Chapek

How did it all begin?

PorodičnaFamily Farm Miljanic was established in 2012 on the vision of a man born in the village. Living a modern lifestyle, Radivoje Miljanic has decided to return to his native village, Banjani, aiming that his big family lives from goat breeding and milk processing. As an economist back then, following his dream and ideal of freedom, he goes in a completely different direction. Working days in a bank he substituted for the peace and fresh air that mountain provides. Goat breeding and unique products on the market are the trademarks of the enterprise that evolves with vision, effort, sacrifice, and love of the whole family.

Highest quality


Farm Miljanic was established as a family business. With the expansion of capacities, a small team of locals has joined. Through the system for purchasing raw materials, we create a community and build a better future for Montenegrin village. Our household breaths by respect and equal appreciation of its members.


Nature gives us its very best, freely and abundantly, but our responsibility is to return it.


Creating a good product is not that difficult. However, from day to day creating an equally good or better one is a challenge. The quality of the product we bring to the market is our first priority.


The taste says all about us. Customers on the domestic market recognize our story and quality. We strive for our products to spread a story about Montenegro and Montenegrin tradition way outside its borders.


The farm is located on the highway between Niksic- Herceg Novi- Trebinje, and it spreads over 96 hectares of land, where goat and cattle graze daily. In the year it was founded, the farm counted 50 goats, while today, there are 250 different heads, cattle in the system cow-calf, horses, and chicken.

The constant increase in the number of heads called for the evolvement of accommodation facilities, storage infrastructure, as well as other innovations such as the milking systems and irrigation systems.

From the farm to your table:

Cattle graze on the mountain grassland. Shepherds milk animals and take care of them.

In the factory, we process the cheese and leave it for ripening.

Our driver delivers a product to your address.


Processing started in 2014. year, in Gornje polje in Nikšić, in a modest building. Several rooms from the beginning today look significantly different. Reconstructed into a modern cheese factory that follows the standard of the European Union, the facility has HCCP and ISO 22000, employs the family and the team of the local population, supporting the constant development of the company.

Our team

Aside from the members of the immediate and extended family, Farm Miljanic employs a couple of workers that live nearby the factory.

Raw materials produced on the farm are complemented with the ones this business purchases. Collaborating with families that live in villages around Niksic, that produce milk and graze their cattle daily, Farm Miljanic purchases goat’s, sheep’s, and cow’s milk.